Owner's obligations

The owner agrees that he/she chooses a CANE CORSO dog from VALOROSO kennel for purpose and use that comply with the law (companion, guarding, protection) and not for illegal use such us dog-fighting.

The owner should keep the dog away from any stressful and painful extreme exercise until the dog reaches the age of 2 years because there may be myoskeletical problems created to the dog. The owner must take good care of the health, the appearance and the diet of the dog and provide the dog with good veterinary care. He is obligated to keep the dog under strict control, making sure that unecessary aggressive behaviors are not expressed by the dog, and that no human or animal's life is threatened by the dog. The socialization and the training of the dog are owner's obligation and are required in order to ensure that no problem will occur between the dog and the owner.

It's mandatory for the owner to use the name of the VALOROSO Kennel (where his Dog originates from) in case that the dog participates in a reproduction programme. The dog will be referred as described in the dog's pedigree. The owner agrees that our kennel (Valoroso) is free to use the dog's name, photos or any other info related to the dog, for advertising or for informative purposes. In case that the puppy is to be sent to a place outside Athens (within Greece or in any other country) the cost associated with the transportation and the cage is on the new owner.


Our kennel puts a lot of emphasis on the socialization of our puppies. Their socialization starts within the kennel, when they are 20 days old and it continues up to the point that puppies are given to their new owners. The various tests are performed in the form of a game, therefore no stress is induced on the puppies. That helps us evaluate their character and their temperament in relation to the requirements of each individual owner.

In addition, this socialization is a very important parameter in our breeding so that when the new owners receive the puppies, they have a good and sound basis in order to continue with the puppy's socialization. The area we've chosen for this process is located outside the kennel and this is the biggest advantage. The place is safe (in relation to dog's hygiene) and any dog that comes in contact with our puppies has been vaccinated. With the help and the inspection of an experienced trainer, our puppies start socializing with other dogs of various ages.

Obligations of our Kennel

We certify that all our puppies have been vaccinated and dewormed. We offer 24 months – warranty regarding dysplasy*.

We have the obligation of declaring the litter and sending the pedigree to each owner as soon as this is issued by the Canine Organization in Greece (KOE). Puppies are selected and given to the new owners fully dewormed.

Note : Throughout Europe(Greece – included) there is a law prohibiting the cut of ears and tail as well. 

EXPORT :Puppies can be shipped to you, upon request. Recipient will be charged with the additional costs involved, such as kenneling, transfer expenses, issuing a health certificate, etc.

Training - protection seminars

Pursuing our goal for maintaining excellent samples of the Cane Corso race, we hold seminars with experienced trainers.

For the owners: During the seminars, we evaluate and build on the ability of the dog to protect its owner and its area; this is done in relation to the age, the temperament, the potential and the genetic defense that each dog holds (defense – prey and fight drive). The seminars are in units and are held for as long as it is needed until the desired protection level is aquired. A variety of seminars are held in our area, but also in external areas, as well as in the area that the dog lives at; always the handler is the dog's owner so that the dog eventually acquires more and more abilities of evaluating situations and the risk involved.

For the Kennel: The training through the seminars helps us to chose those dogs that fulfill the prerequisites and meet the criteria for participating in our kennel's reproduction programme as soon as they reach the appropriate age.

Additional offers

Open communication line for help – information regarding your puppy (and later your dog).

When getting the puppy, the new owner also receives the following :

a) Health passport with all vaccinations

b) Instructions for the puppy's socialization and various sounds for the training. Additionally, booklet with instructions you get for the first time the puppy comes in contract with other members of your family.