The fact that it originates from the ancient roman race (Canis Pugnax) that Alexander the Great used in his military operations (in Italy, several wall pictures showing those dogs have been found), proves the primordial strong character and the special temperament of this extraordinary race.

Italian Cane Corso

The race is officially recognized by FCI (#343) since 1996. Significant morphological differences are reported among various Cane Corso samples. The final choice regarding the type of Cane Corso acquired, belongs to the future owner of the dog.

Cane Corso's Behaviour

Cane Corso is an intelligent,typical and energetic dog; It's the best as it regards watching and guarding. It's a sweet dog that shows love to (and needs love from) its owner, the kids and the family, but if required, it can become a courageous defender of its people, the home and the property that it protects. It becomes trained easily. Cane Corso is sentimental but tough and ruthless when required by the circumstances. It shows endurance to the pain and the continuing stress (it belongs in the dog-fighter category), therefore it lives up to the expectations, the way we want it to.


Cane Corso is a fearless guard but at the same time very loving with the family and especially with the kids. It belongs to the group of molossian – type dogs, and it can live even in the metropolitan cities (as far as its owner takes good care of the dog's health and he invests adequate time for taking the dog out in long walks). No one will hear a Cane Corso barking without reason. Its reactions are not nervous.

However, if required for it to react, one will be surprised from the dog's ability to jumb, from its anger, its strength, the especially scary expression drawn on its face and its body's stature towards the developing situation. It's really rare for a Cane Corso to be seen behind a fence or a door barking or running up and down. A Cane Corso watches from a distance and it acts and reacts when necessary, even without an order given to it.

A well balanced Cane Corso will allow the entrance to an unfamiliar person only in the presence and approval of its owner. In any other case, the intruder is in big trouble. Attention should be given from the owners who have large areas of space (garden etc.). Under no circumstances should a Cane Corso be tied in a chain. This is opposite to its nature and makes the dog nervous. A kennel of approximately 6m2 (2X3), functional and well – built , is the best solution.

Cane Corso characteristics

Medium to large size dog, strong, but elegant, muscular. Mesomorphic corporal structure with the body being bigger in length than in height (withers).



Body: Muscular, with good proportions.

Weight :Males : 50-60kgs / Females: 40-45kgs

Height :Males : 65-69cm / Females: 60-64cm.

Character: Excellent with kids. Accepts all members of the family as well as the friends (but always in the presence of a member of the family). Needs love; wants to be close to the family.