Frequent questions


  • At what age should I get the puppy ?

The best age for the puppy to leave its group is between 60-80 days p.c (post coitum : after birth). 


  • When should I start the puppy's socialization ?

The Kennel which you 'll turn to, ought to have already started a socialization programme for the puppy,so when the puppies get fully vaccinated and they go out, they can continue with it. The dog's socialization never stops! The more a young dog socializes the better it will handle each situation.


  • What is the expected character ?

The instinct of struggling and defense.


  • What is the expected temperament ?

The puppy is expected to chase the ball, to play with various toys, and to feel comfortable and happy when it's with its owner.


  • What does 'tempra' mean ?

The dog's ability to respond to stress.