My interest in primordial races drove me into studying this amazing race : CANE CORSO. After acquiring some typical 'samples' from Italy (the country CANE CORSO originate from) I decided to get involved with the selective breeding of those dogs.

That's something I do due to the love I have for this race, and not in order to get financially benefited.

That's why I proceed with only 1-2 breedings per year, after strict selection of the ancestors ; parameters counted are their overall health, degree of dysplasy, their morphology, their temperament and their character (In my breeding line I prefer dogs with strong Character).


Reproduction methods

In our Kennel, in order to choose the dogs which will participate in reproduction we focus on the excellent phenotype of the ancestors (morphology) as well as good elements in their character/ temperament (genotype).

Prior to becoming a breeder I studied all dog races which belong in Group # 2 (molossian types) for more than 4 years.


I was attracted by those of medium size with good character, temperament and beauty ; by those dogs that can live and function with and within a family, with all members of the family regardless the member's age. In the presence of their owner they allow the entrance of people known to the family while at the same time they evaluate each situation ; dogs that are not overactive and aggressive, dogs that don't destroy, dogs that suit our current way of living. My final choice was CANE CORSO since on this race I found all the above mentioned requirements being fulfilled.


My becoming a breeder came out of my love for this particular race, a race that accumulates numerous advantages, something that in whole can't be found in any other race (first we determine our needs & then we choose the dog race we want).

In order to start my Kennel (Valoroso) I had to travel all the way to Italy (the country which CANE CORSO originates from) so that I could see in proximity samples of the dogs with which I wanted to start. I spent time with Italian Breeders studying the behaviors and the character of the dogs from which I acquired mine. The choice was to get puppies from dogs which were champions in morphology and reproduction as well as from dogs which had successfully passed 'Character test'(CAL-1 & CAL-2 – Volhard test).


The continuous renewal of my breeding line is a primary target of mine. That's why I keep up with all events : Special shows of the Category (club) in Italy /SAAC and the results from competitions in morphology expos and work shows.

It's advisable (and I'd say necessary) for any prospect owner to ask and see the parents (ancestors) of the puppy he/she wants to get (if not feasible, he/she should see at least one of the puppy's parents) as well as all certificates concerning the parents (pedigrees, prizes in competitions and shows, test certificates – as for dysplasy – etc), the environment (surroundings) the dogs live at and where the puppies will get socialized, and of course check the price, although the later should be of minor importance when all other requirements are satisfied since we are talking about possessing a very promising puppy which will live with you for more than 10 years.


I believe that reproducing dogs should be mature enough age – wise, and should have much experience in training (obedience – guarding – protection) or have succefully participated in several expos/competitions (morphology or work) to show their capabilities.

Dysplasy tests should be run by an independed and accredited laboratory. Test results are provided only by the official canine organization of each country and get included in the dog's pedigree.


Our puppies are given to people who have convinced us for their good intentions. We wish that CANE CORSO puppies from VALOROSO KENNEL enjoy the love and respect of their new owners.



The goal of our efford is to show the race, through healthy representative samples, maintaining the balance of good character, high level of protection /guarding and the excellent morphology as well.

Based on those, I build my Kennel's reproductive line, which will be immediately recognized from the type , the size, the character and the temperament of the CANE CORSO dogs which come out of Valoroso Kennel.