Besides the official examination for dysplasia that all dogs of CANE CORSO de  VALOROSO kennel undergo, we go one step further, by incorporating DNA determination tests as well. All  dogs that participate in our kennel’s reproducing programme have their genetic material (DNA) determined. The examination is carried out by an accredited laboratory  in Europe. Therefore, all new owners, will soon have the option (if they wish so) to test their puppies as well, and by comparing the puppy’s genetic material to those of the ancestors, to certify the puppy’s origin.


SEMINAR on the DOG’s 19-20 of September 2015



Decoy : MARKO CORVAIA (Italy)

PLACE of the SEMINAR : Varibopi Dog Sports & Training

Co-coordinator : CANE CORSO de VALOROSO KENNEL & SERRAS NICK (Trainer ) & breeder of German Shepheard.

Sponsors equipment : Κ9 EVOLUTION ( PET SPOT)

dsc 0165

dsc 0414dsc 0322dsc 0444dsc 0693img 9042


I’d like to express my gratitude to Mrs Robin McKenzie Haines, who chose our kennel for second time in a row, to acquire a female puppy, DE JA VU de VALOROSO.

She had visited us 4 months ago, getting at that time a male puppy from our kennel, ARISTOTELES de VALOROSO. Working with the dog and evaluating its performance, she decided to honor us by getting a second dog from us. My appreciation for her vote of confidence in valoroso kennel.

Mrs Robin McKenzie Haines is the owner of COSIMA CORSOS (cane Corso Kennel) in Canada.




A new Puppy DEGATOGA de VALOROSO export to USA . I would like to thanks his new Owner Mr Dave foster for his trust our Kennel name ! 


DRIMON de VALOROSO is ready to travel in Turkey - Instabul. Thanks Drimon's new Owner Mr Hasan Huseyin for his trust our Kennel ! 


ARISTOTELES de VALOROSO travel with her new owner to CANADA. I would like to thanks Mrs Robin McKenzie Haines for her trust our Breeding Line. Mrs Robin McKenzie is a breeder -  Cosima Corsos Kennel !

robin mcknzie  aristoteles de valoroso 1robin mcknzie  aristoteles de valoroso 2

Zinon de Valoroso travel to his Owner Mr. Michalilidis Christos in Cyprus. 

-de-valoroso --1-de-valoroso --3-de-valoroso --4-de-valoroso --5


ODDYSEAS de VALOROSO is an excellent puppy from the Birth of Ektor de VALOROSO X HRAKLEIAS de VALOROSO. Already in its new owners which is Mr. Robin Geritsma in Portugal. Mister Robin is already the owner of another female from our kennel which is Jennifer de VALOROSO. We are happy that our dog owners of our kennel, continue to trust us.

odisseas de valoroso 5

odisseas de valoroso 2


Hsiodos de Valoroso, an excellent male from our Litter of ' Ellena di Corso della vita X Guindo de Valoroso' is now at his new owner 'Mr. Moses Njathi Njuguna' in KENYA. We are very happy that samples of our Breeding line goes abroad.

hsiodos afrika_kenya

Ikaros de Valoroso, an excellent male from our litter of 'VIOLA de VALOROSO X GUINDO de VALOROSO' is now at his new owner 'Mr. Ruben Muretta' in the USA (CALIFORNIA). We are very happy that samples of our Breeding line go to more and more countries.

ikaros california  

Jenifer de Valoroso, an excellent female from our litter of 'GR.CH.VALIA de VALOROSO X GUINDO de VALOROSO' is now at her new owner to Mr. Robin Gerritsma in Portugal. We are very happy that samples of our Breeding line go to more and more countries.

jenifer portugal_3jenifer portugal_4

jeniger portugal_1jenifer portugal_2

Kirki de Valoroso, an excellent Female from our litter of 'GR.CH.GI-QUIRIS X EKTOR di BOCCI' is now at her new owner’s, Mr. Nathan Woelke, in the USA (Tennessee ).

kirki 1kirki 2

kirki 5kirki 6

NAPOLEON DE VALOROSO an excellent male from our litter of 'VORGIA DE VALOROSO X FEDRA DE VALOROSO' is at his new owner's Mr. Kaloutso Spyro in CYPRUS (NICOSIA) 

napoleon -kypros 4napoleon -kypros 3



Margit Hartleb: The Cane Corso Italiano

The first German-language book about the Cane Corso has been published.

The first German-language book about the Cane presents on 308 sides and with circa 320 pictures comprehensive and detailed insights into the race and developmental history of this old and fascinating breed.

Besides the historical informations other points of focus lie in the description of the character,breeding, keeping, purchase, etc.

An affectionate race portrait - soundly, critically and involved - which presents accentuated the positive qualities of the Cane Corso, but also documents controversially discussed points of view by breeders and enthusiasts.

To understand the specific nature and the individual behavior of a race, one should know his historical background and his former use. Many problems or discrepancies between dog and holder arise from a wrong choice or bad constellation. Therefore the concern of the book is to inform so about the race that only people who can fulfill the race requirements decide on this dog: in terms of a amicable and durable “relation team”.


Hard cover; Format: 20. 5 x 28. 5 cm;

Size: 308 sides approx. 320 illustrations in color and b/w

Publishing house: Margit Hartleb, Casalta 10; 1st edition (April 2013)

Language: German


Price: € 39. 50, incl. 7% VAT.

Information+ order: xillyx. corso@facebook. com