Our web site has been renewed in order to become friendlier to anyone who is interested in the wonderful CANE CORSO breed. Since the beginning of our breeding effort, our main goal has been to demonstrate the true character and temperament of the real descendant of the Roman Molossian.

As it regards our kennel’s breeding line, priority has been given on enhancing the working temperament of Cane Corso rather than its participation in expositions.

That has been a sincere choice, although we do have dogs of exceptional morphology that have repeatedly acquired titles and prizes.

Throughout all the years of me being involved with that breed, I have been saying that while expos happen only 3-4 times annually, the need for guarding and protection is continuous all year round; 365 days per year.

Admirers of Cane Corso, who however belong exclusively to the first category (desire only for expo distinctions), should turn to another web site.